Remote Drone Pilot Certification Study Guide (eBook, revision 2)

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Ebook Special: You are Guaranteed to Pass the Remote Pilot Certification Knowledge Test or your Money Back!* Pass the FAA Part 107 Remote (Drone) Pilot Certification, includes 1 year FREE Membership at with private Facebook group discussion, blog and videos. Study guide has 12 chapters and over 400 practice questions. Good for small business, corporate or government (like law enforcement)) commercial operators of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS).

Don't risk not passing the FAA Remote Pilot test at a cost of $150. There are 60 questions on the FAA test with a test bank of over 300 questions. Our study guide is not your typical study guide; it's fun and efficient (sometimes blunt), not a dry textbook. Study on go using a tablet, laptop and other devices with this Ebook in a convenient pdf document. Make money with your drone!

*Just send us your failing grade and proof of purchase and we will refund the cost of the eBook no questions asked.

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Remote Drone Pilot Certification Study Guide (eBook, revision 2)

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