Drone Night Waiver Package for FAA Certification of Waiver application

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Commercial Drone Pilots (a.k.a. FAA Remote Pilots): Separate yourself from the pack and gain FAA Night Waiver approval with our Remote Pilot Association Night Waiver Package.* Start getting great night video footage in as little at 60-90 days (we averaged 62 days for our last night waiver). Required by the FAA, the night waiver package (for Class G Airspace) comes with: 

- FAA Night Waiver application submission for your organization. In technical terms: we submit for Certificate of Waiver (COW) Part 107.29 (Daylight) operations.

- RPA submission of Night Waiver to the FAA on your behalf

- Drone Night (flight) Operations video course

- Lesson Plan (Drone Night Operations)

- Quiz and testing guide for correction to 100%

- Night Flight Operations Certificate of Training template

- Simple Training Log using MS Excel (great for small to medium operations)

Are you a good fit for a night waiver? To successfully apply for the FAA night waiver your drone operation will require your to have the following (but not to apply):

- Drone with telemetry information (heading, altitude, collision avoidance warnings, ex. DJI Go App)

- Use of at least one Visual Observer (VO)

-  Additional display feed for one VO

- Anti-Collision light visible from a distance of 3 Statute Miles (SM)

- 2 way radio or cell phone communication between the flight crew and key mission stakeholders

- Red lighted landing pad

- Supplemental aviation red and white lighting systems

You don't need all of the proceeding equipment to apply for a night waiver but we have included a convenient link to all of the equipment at: www.RemotePilotAssociation.com/links

*As stipulated in the Terms and Conditions section we are unfortunately not able to guarantee FAA approval. While we have had success in earning a night waiver with our system, changes in policy, FAA representative interpretation and safety considerations may result in the denied application for a COW. It is typical that after COW application submitted to the FAA they may respond with a request for clarification and addition information. Your response to FAA follow up questions is critical: It's important to be engaged in the process and not miss FAA response deadlines (typically 30 days) as the application will have to be re-started from the beginning. For success we suggest adhering to the parameters set-forth in the package guidelines. Applications outside of the template may be denied by the FAA and therefore not a reflection on the system.

It is also important to carefully read and implement the guidelines set forth in the Night Waiver Package. The Administrator (a.k.a. FAA) or other approved agency can request review of required documentation (such as training documents, flight crew list, aircraft information, etc.). Keep in mind that, if approved, a waiver has an expiration (typically two years) and must be re-applied for if applicable upon expiration. The FAA reserves the right to revoke a night waiver for such as a safety concern, changes in regulation/policy, or if a Remote Pilot (RP) Pilot in Command (PIC) is found to have acted in a way contrary to the night waiver or Part 107.

Let's get started! Purchase the product and we will contact you directly.

Questions? Contact TC Freeman, Remote Pilot Association, tc@tcfreeman.com or 919.619.6828.

Terms and Conditions

Remote Pilot Association (RPA) Disclaimer: Unfortunately FAA approval is not guaranteed by our submitting of the Night Waiver Package for FAA Part 107.29 Daylight Operation, a.k.a. Night Waiver. However, this information has been used to earn night waiver approval and any additional request the FAA request should be minor. Typical approval times average 3-6 months. We don't guarantee this template due to the fact that the approval process is may experience minor changes over time, FAA review representative interpretation, information specific to your operation isn't consistent with approval parameters, such as aircraft without telemetry information, specifically heading and altitude displays (ex. DJI Go). For approval success we highly suggest using the parameters given in the template. Any additional request or modification of the template (minus operational information specific to your organization).

Note: The FAA has the authority to revoke night operations under this waiver at any time. Additionally, the FAA establishes an expiration date on all waivers (typically 2 years). While not responsible RPA suggest waiver recipients follow the requirements set forth in the waiver as the Administrator (FAA), State and local representative can review these documents at any time.

Approved for submission for the FAA night waiver only and can not be shared, distributed, transferred or sold. The night waiver information created falls under copyright laws.

Copyright 2018 Remote Pilot Association, TC Freeman, WOF Media

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Drone Night Waiver Package for FAA Certification of Waiver application

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