Remote Pilot Association Membership (Special 1/2 price new member rate!)

Remote Pilot Association
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Remote Pilot Association Member Benefits:

Special 1/2 price new member rate!

  • Exclusive member only content. 
  • Access to the Remote Pilot study guide eBook.
  • Group interaction and networking. 
  • One-On-One consulting. We allocate 5 hours a month to answer member questions. 
  • Access to beneficial resource documents for your small business.
  • Live get togethers and events (at a discounted rate).
  • Member discounts.
  • Membership Levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold


Cancel anytime after first paid month.

First month is a FREE trail, you can cancel at any time after the first paid month. Having said that, If you are not receiving value as a member please reach out first and let us know how we can make it right (email: However, we understand that sometimes it's simply time to move on, no harm-no foul. Feel free to cancel at any time during the first paid month, membership will expire at the end of the month.

Note: Member benefits and services may change at any time but we will replace the benefit with a new initiative, product, or offering.

Last updated Jul 4, 2023

Membership is great for those wanting to make money with their drone that want to earn commercial license, called FAA Remote Pilot certification (Part 107), or already have certification and a drone small business. Being a small business owner can make a person feel alone in a desolate field, going out to fly a mission then coming back to edit. We offer the opportunity to network with others in the drone industry and offer support, encouragement and advice. We also serve those aspiring to earn a FAA Remote Pilot as the group provides support and a special educational topic in our bi-weekly meetings based on the FAA test, called a Knowledge Test, this is also good for members with that have earned an RP that are studying for the FAA re-currency test. Check out our member resources, such as sample customer agreement templates and external business and contract connections. A knowledgeable instructor is just a phone call away, as we dedicate 5 hours a month to answer your questions about the FAA test, airspace planning, and/or small business consulting. Note: Some products within the membership benefit package may be sold to non-members at a higher retail price.

$3 a month

Remote Pilot Association Membership (Special 1/2 price new member rate!)

0 ratings